Our Coaching Philosophy

Trainers with management-, hands on- and consulting experience.

Experienced trainers working with your employees and managers.

Coaching & Reflection

Team training and individual training.

"Coaching and attending your employees aiming a professional career"

  • Training- Partner Coaching
  • Rocket- Coaching
  • Kick- Off Coaching
  • Company and reflection
  • Fast carrer
  • Work with new managers

"Coaching" at first had been used in sports. Coaching is more than just exercising. A Coach not just helps you to improve your results. He supports and accompanies you.

We understand Coaching as a focused method and process with different puposes:

Working on personal, business issues and relating problems. Active coordination and management of personal abbilities, habbits and preparation for new tasks and jobs.

Key learnings in the area of Know-how, personal and human feelings and relationsships. Often been talked of EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

You discuss, play different situations, ideas. Impulses will be offered and together you work on and develop realistic targets. Controlling and reflection of the past and further actions. All of which help you to ´improve´.

Coaching purpose

Purpose is to improve results, to motivate and to develop your abbilities. At the end it will add value for you and your company.

Tasks of the Coach

The Coach focuses on the person and the invidual situation. Under developed ressources and abbilities of the client and strengths to develop will to be found.

Those will be activated and improved to assure the achievement of objectives. Focused work with respect to the personal ressources.

Role of the Coach

An objective role and to stay with a moderation role is key for the Coach. Work has to be on trust and a helpful situation has to be created which allows to work together very openly.

The coach leads discussions and offer impulses to develop the abilities of the clients.


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