Training & Coaching

We know what we are talking about

Trainers with management-, hands on- and consulting experience.

Experienced trainers working with your employees and managers.

Trainings & Workshops

Training in our consulting areas:

  • PR, Marketing, Sales
  • Strategy, Management, Organisation
  • Processes and Project Management
  • IT
  • International work and cultures
  • i. e. sales, telephone
  • i. e. Vision- and Strategies
  • i. e. Account, Project Management
  • i. e. MS Office
  • i. e. Business Contacts with Germany, USA, China
  • i. e. Communication, Team building
Coaching & Reflection

Team training and individual training.

"Coaching and development of your employees

and Managers"

  • Training- Partner Coaching
  • Rocket- Coaching
  • Kick- Off Coaching




  • Company and reflection
  • Fast carrer
  • Work with new managers

Moving on!

  • Our range of expertise comprise our tender. We discuss different options and will lead to an individuall result
  • We work on results- together
  • We work interactive with your team, focused on training objectives
  • We add impulses through Management, work and training experiences + through systemic processes


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