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Dr. Jens Stäbler MD

Job experiences > 15 years:
After studies management and start off a medical company based in Germany and a subsidary in the UK. A few years later start off and management of a medical service company with a similar concept in the US. Additional experiences as Director of Business Development of a Swiss Medical Technology Company based in the US. He started of and sold also a Medical Company (Products for Vets) with international development, production and sales.

Medical Business and Services:
Reitmajer GmbH, MLC-UK, Ltd., MLC-USA, Inc., HMT, AG., Innovative Technologies & Systems, Inc.

Focus areas/ Key experiences:
Strategy and Finance development, leading kick-offs, building and develop business, networks and markets Management of Marketing and R&D combined with extensive sales experience.

International job experience:
Europe:Gemany, UK
Americas: USA


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