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Dr. Michael Feyerabend

Job experiences (approx. 17 Jahre):
Dr. Feyerabend had been consultant in Great Britain, USA and Germany. He lead research projects and has a track record in Finance, Controlling, Sales and PR. He is very experienced in the social and healt services area in different departments and jobs. He also worked in Intensive care, Surgery and Ambulance and Emergency Services.

Health and Social Services:
Hospital (Keiskrankenhaus) Reutlingen, Robert-Bosch-Hospital (Krankenhaus) Stuttgart, Hospital (Kreiskrankenhaus) Muensingen, MobileLithoCare England, Manor Hospital England
Venture Capital, Mobile Litho Care USA

Key experiences:
Medical Consultant, Finance and Controlling Consultant, Emergency and Heart Surgery, General Surgery, Intensive Care, Psychology

International Job experience:
Europe: UK
Asia: Indonesia
Americas: USA
Market Research and intensive traveling in many other countries.


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