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Dr. Harvey Chervitz

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) NSW, Australia 2000
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Niigata, Japan 1995
Bachelor of Science Electronic Engineering Tech. Missouri, USA 1982

Job experiences (more than 17 years):
He started with AT&T Bell Laboratories as a Circuit Designer (2 years) and Component Engineer/Component Technology Specialist (5 years) before switching to the AT&T Microelectronics sales account team for 2 years as an Account Manager and another year with the connector division as a Technical Sales Engineer. In Japan, 2 years were spent at Goodman Co., Ltd., a manufacturer, importer and distributor or products for non-invasive coronary surgery, as Manager of the Sales Information Group and 5 years with Ihara Electronic Industries Co., Ltd., a medium-size maker of PWBs, as the Manager of the marketing group, the Deputy General Manager for the color imaging division, and the Chief Marketing Officer.

AT&T Bell Labatories, AT&T Microeltronics, Goodman Co, Ltd, Ihara Electonic Industries Co., Ltd.

Industrial Specialties:
PWB Manufacturing, PWB Materials, PWB Equipment, EMS, Printing, Graphic Arts, Color Measurement/Assessment, Medical Equipment (non-invasive coronary surgery) Telecommunication, Semiconductor, Electrical and Optical Connector

Focus areas/ Key experiences:
Executive Team Experience, Strategy Sales, Marketing, Project Planning, Product Planning, R&D Management, New Product Introduction, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Culture, Management, Organizational Behavior, Technology Transfer, Electronics

International job experience:
Europe: UK, Netherlands
Asia: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia
Americas: Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA


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