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Latest News (2015)

Dec. 2015 To the new homepage
From now on news are only published there.
You will find the news on our new website in the new design.
To the new homepage
Oct. 2015Strategymgmt. KSL Kuttler
New Investor and more
KSL Kuttler Automation Systems, Dauchingen, Germany- New investor, new strategies will be a topic on productronica 2015. Read it
Oct. 2015World Premiere
Posalux at productronica 2015
Swiss manufacturer Posalux presents new models and an expanded series as world premiere at productronica 2015 PCB007
Oct. 2015Spain Press Management
Electronics. Spain. Development PR. Convertronic
Soldadura de Componentes con perfiles de vacio en convertronic (electrónica de potencia y sistemas de alimentación y regulación). Magazine
Sep. 2015Electronic
SMT Production article
Technical article about void reduction in SMT production issued in Printed Circout Design & Fab. Read it here
Sep. 2015Italy Press
Development Electronics
Technology and strategic press management.Example. Media. La saldatura con profili sottovuoto. Example.
Aug. 2015SMT Magazine
Electronic reflow article Part 2
Close look on the reflow process. Read it here
July 2015Int. Sales Support
GodToys.com Plush Animals
Cuddly spiritual Ganesha elephant god figure by GodToys.com launched. Read the article  
June 2015Soldering principles
Tech article in Electronics Production and Test Europe Magazine.
Technology review. Find about advantages and more: EPP Europe Magazine
May 2015Internet of things
Our article in SMT Magazine.
Internet of Things. Benefits shown at an industrial project. More: SMT Magazine
Apr. 2015Whitepaper about soldering
English Version
What are the benefits of soldering with vacuum profiles? Read about it: article  
Mar. 2015Award Best Products
Technical Public Relations
Productronic readers voted best articles within 2014- "Selective Conformal Coating" won. Read it in English: article  
Feb. 2015Communication and PR
Electronic PCB equipment supplier Becker Mueller
Company communication, PR and new social media strategy. facebook,   twitter,   Google+,   youtube channel,   XING,   maps...
Jan. 2015Depth Routing Technology
Posalux's Blankboard Equipment
Results and capabilites. Customer evaluation project for the advanced depth routing use of a routing system. blog

Archive 2014

Nov. 2014 Quality increase and cost-saving
Electronic production
Strategies and Project Management. Please read the article issued at EPP Europe Magazine. Scan
Oct. 2014Posalux Switzerland
Strategy and new markets
Innovation, strategy and international markets like USA. Article issued in diverse magazines. PCB007
Aug. 2014Continental, Villingen-Schwenningen
Optimization project and investment
Automotive Industry: Production project. Article in English PressRelease(5MB)
July 2014APROS Youtube Channel
Social Medias and clips
in English and German. German link: Interview SMTHybrid 2014 Nuernberg, Germany. Sales Rehm Thermal Systems Blaubeuren talked about new reflow soldering systems technologies.
Link: Youtube-clip.
Link: APROS Consulting Youtube Channel
June 2014Social Engagement
APROS donates Euro 4400 to health organization
Management and projekt team hand check over to the mayor and the Gesundheitsforum Team. Article had been issued in several German magazines and papers. pic
June 2014Workshop Customer Relationship Management
Avago Technologies and APROS at URR Managers Event
Event Managment and sparkling speeches at URR Event in Reutlingen, Germany Impressions
May 2014Iniative Healthy Communities
APROS supports Health Forum
erman Internet plattform goes live
More information: Web in German
Apr. 2014Direct Exposure
PrintProcess AG, Switzerland
Investment and Strategie. LED Printing. Quality and productivity mprovement. Article in German. German
More information in: English
Apr. 2014Lead article Productronic
Security for PCBs
Selective Conformal Coating as a standard process in Surface Mount Technology. Strategie and Company communication. Article in German. German
More information in: English
Mar. 2014New offices
Lawyer Martin Weng
Investment into a new subsidary and infrastructure. Article in newspaper GeA Reutlingen.
Mar. 2014Electricity Investment
New Vision XP+
Strategy and Marketing. Article in German. German
More information in: English
Feb. 2014Communication Support
Rehm Thermal Systems
Blaubeuren, Germany. Web 2.0, facebook, twitter and more. Blaubeuren: Auch Web 2.0, Facebook, Twitter und mehr.
To follow Rehm on: facebook
To follow Rehm on: twitter
Feb. 2014Online shop wins price
Haustex Star 2014
Internet shop handtuch24.de got a business price for their approach and web page on the Frankfurt trade fair. German
Jan. 2014KSL Kuttler introduces
New: Flex Line
The whole story issued in Productronica Daily. German

Archive 2013

Sep. 2013 Supply Chain Strategies
PR and Support
Production philosophy and news Mechanical Engineering. Issued in PLUS magazine. Automatization. German
Aug 2013Trade association
New strategies
Communication and Marketing approaches. Issued in several print magazines and newspapers. jpg
July 2013Article in METALL
Copper deposition
Systems for copper deposition. Project Support Marketing. Scan (German) pdf
June 2013SummerFUN
Eventmgmt and APROS booth
Two regional company networks with approx. 50 companies. Customer fair organized by APROS.AERO trim at our booth. pdf
June 2013KSL Kuttler Automatization
APROS Report PLUS Magazine
Introduction of new product strategy. Article (German) in PLUS and Market & Technology... Article
May 2013High Voltage- Production
Market + Technology
Copper Inlays. APROS issued article in PLUS and Market & Technology... Scan (3MB).
April 2013Robotics 97%
Project in the Electronics industry
PCB Prototyping works with "Königswinter" team on roboters. PR in German...
April 2013Radio advertising
Market development, Munich.
Campaign. New 8s mp3 advertising spot- Online Shop. Sponsoring
March 2013PHYSIO- new CI
Strategy and more
APROS Consulting Reutlingen, health industry: Strategy, Marketing and processes. pics
Feb. 2013New book: Weiß + Senninger
Team development
Group - Team - Leading Team: Getting the right "management" balance with your teams German PR
Jan. 2013Circuits Assembly
Becker Mueller product line
Project information had been issued in worldwide magazines like Printed Circuit Desing & Fab and Circuits Assembly. Article-English
Jan. 2013New office- Ohmenhausen
More Marketing capacity.
We extend our consulting and service resources Marketing and Sales. Details-German

Archive 2012

Dec. 2012 Sponsoring Project
Time and Support for Children
Nersingen, New-Ulm. Lennard Lemke with Team LEMKE hoeren. Consulting Ulm. German article
Nov. 2012APROS Office celebrates:
"10 years". Hickory Golf Event
Our Service-Team and our Mountain Bike Team celebrating on bookable Premory Business Hide out. Premory Hickory-Golf
Nov. 2012BlackHole Process MacDermid
Investment Project
Project Team PILL, Becker & Mueller, MacDermid developed and implemented new line. Communication Services Tübingen. PLUS Magazine. Article in English
Nov. 2012Technology Symposium
Innovation and Communication.
Kuttler Automation Systems GmbH Event in November
Press Articles issued in German.
Oct. 2012Halloween Action
Customer project- LED shoe laces
Social Media Action in PCB Supply Chain. APROS Media Services activ with HD spots, Image movies and clips. YouTube and Internet Strategy. Example:

Aug. 2012Basista Printed Circuit Boards
Quality In. Quality Out
Global Consulting. Strategy and Communication. Project article issued in PLUS Magazin, PCB007 and more.
Press release in English
June 2012University Aalen, Germany
"Hearing aid" Project Jordanien
LEMKE hoeren actively supports medical project + rallye supported by United Nations'
pdf in German
May 2012PILL Investment
Project Bottrop' PCB Company.
Tuebingen APROS Consulting. Article by Volker Feyerabend; issued in electronic magazine.
Scan in German
Feb. 2012Innovative- Depth Routing
Worldwide market development and communication
Management of innovations. Article by Volker Feyerabend; issued in world wide electronic magazine PCB007.
Extended article in English
Feb. 2012APROS supports families
Training and Advertisment Agency projects helped
Report in German
Jan. 2012Certifcation LEMKE hoeren
Fono-Forte training
PR (German)
Jan. 2012bettwaren-shop.de -New markets
Genkinger GmbH. Strategic investment and new online-shop www.schuetzen-und-pflegen.de
Article in German
Jan. 2012APROS akquired TheVeroDesign
Service net extended. Additional office- advertising agency
Focused on Design, sales and advertisment support. Local and international experienced. Based in Germany, Zwiefalten. Impression and German article

Archive 2011

Dec. 2011 New: PREMORY Business Hideaway
Now bookable for: Meetings.Events.Hickory Golf
Special opportunity for your business meetings, events, workshops. Impressions
Oct. 2011Accounting Reutlingen
Our Customer Service Team added tax know-how.
A warm welcome to our new employee within the Accounting and Service Team.
Sep. 2011Case Study/ Customer Project
T advantages- Switzerland, Korea, Japan
Customer project equipment productivity. Worldwide marketing; Issued PCFab magazine September. Article: PDF_8MB
May 2011Marketing lecturer
Reutlingen University- ESB School of Business
Volker Feyerabend. Impulses. Marketing and promotion. Impressions
Apr. 2011Local sport sponsoring
Frogger Team Mountain-Bike
APROS again supports local Team . Avertisment and equipment for cycling team.
Mar. 2011New Pho-tronics Investment Program
Press Anouncement: Investments with Posalux
News from the US Electronic, PCB market. Evaluation and strategy of Pho-tronics, Wisconsin. Press anouncement

Archive 2010

Dec. 2010 Stuttgart. New Marketing-, Sales Consultant
APROS adds capacity
Senior Consultant with intensive Sales-, hands on-, consulting and coaching- and Mmgt. expertise in Electronic-, Equipment and Automotive.
Oct. 2010New APROS-Services office in Engstingen
Direct service - Swabian Alb
"Close to our customers" as philosophie. APROS news(German)
Sep. 2010Management Circle -Special
APROS Workshop Marketing
Event with discussions and impulses.
Sep. 2010Cooperation High School- University Reutlingen
APROS coordinates new concept
IHK Reutlingen reports about APROS Int. Consulting & Services. Article (German) Wirtschaft Neckar-Alb. Scan
July 2010APROS supports ESB School of Business Team
"Activ learning", Cooperation with Achalmschool
Event-Management Project with students ESB School of Business at Reutlingen University, scholars of the Achalmschool will be supportet by Marketing consultants. Pic, German PR
July 2010Presentation at Health-Week Reutlingen
APROS Consultant and Coach, Health Sector talks about
"Climate and Good-Night-Sleep" July 10, Gartentor Reutlingen. More info- see local press.
June 2010Accreditation KfW Bank: Turn-Around
Because of strong demand for reorganization
KfW Bank, ESF accepted APROS beside entrepreneur consulting for product crisis management info link in German
May 2010PR + Marketing. Social commitment
APROS Services finances children playroom
Consulting/ Implementation/ Donation. Article in Reutlingen paper RTN. article-->
Apr. 2010High School in University Clinic
APROS organised school class visit in Children hospital
School iniative- 'social class project' in Tuebingen. See impressions, article in German: pics-->
Mar. 2010Report Suedwest Press
Metzingen City-Outlet, Urach reports about APROS
See picture, article in German: scan-->
Feb. 2010Business Magazine- prints article
Chamber of Commerce reports about APROS
See article in German: article-->
Jan. 2010New: Promotion-Tours
Higher Sales? Ideas for our customer. Sales support

Archive 2009

Dec. 2009 We grow- new offices
New adress in Germany. Rennengässle 9, D-72800 Eningen
Oct. 2009Project- parent's home
Social Project. Childs with cancer getting supported
See article in magazine Forum: See article (in German)
Sep. 2009Trade fair- APROS presentation
Information, fun and food supply
See impressions: See pictures
Aug. 2009New course "Presentation"- school iniative
Power Point and IT
Articles in regional press: See article (in German)
July 2009IHK Reutlingen- Impulses in Sales
APROS had been invited to motivate and train intrapreneurs
July 2009Rhetoric video seminar- school iniative
Started a new seminar for pupils
Articles in regional press: See article (in German)
June 2009City-Marketing Plan
APROS worked with local authorities and businesses
Articles in Wochenblatt, Reutlinger General-Anzeiger and other regional medias: See article (in German)
June 2009School Iniative- Regular Workshop
Work-life behavior
Articles in Reutlinger General-Anzeiger and other regional medias: See article (in German)
May 2009Business University Project-
European School of Business (ESB) works on Cancer Fund Raising Project. Ebay- German Skiing Team and more
Articles in Reutlinger Nachrichten, nation wide radio and other German wide medias: See article (in German)
Apr. 2009City Businesses- new Logo
New City Marketing Advisory Council APROS- V. Feyerabend presents logo and strategy
Articles in Reutlinger General-Anzeiger and other regional medias: See article (in German)
Mar. 2009Knigge Workshop- How to behave
Eningen, Achalm-School Board adds new training for pupils.
Article in print medias with Board Member Volker Feyerabend.
Feb. 2009APROS IT-Services special activity
Support of local 'cancer' project.
Our IT-Services provided some financial help for a social project. A house for parents of children with cancer will be built close to the University Clinic Tuebingen, Germany.

Archive 2008

Nov. 2008 Taipei, Taiwan; IMPACT + EMAP Symposium.
Presentation on international conference.
Karl Dietz presents paper on symposium of the Microsystems, Assembly, Packaging, Electronic Materials and Circuits Industry. Find the summary "Challenges and Limitations of Subtractive Processing in PWB and Substrate Fabrication" here.
Read summary
Sept. 2008 Arbachtalfest.
APROS supports tombola for social organisation ´Hospitz Veronika´.
July 2008Our IT-Solutions Team has been extended.
We added a Customer Service position (with an Admistration and Media design- Programming function) for our customer projects
June 2008Publication of new Etching Technologies in CircuiTree.
WW magazine in the electronic sector.
May 2008New Accounting office in Germany.
Puplication in economical paper Wirtschaft Neckar-Alb.
Apr. 2008Champaign at the Opening Kindergarden of 'Child Education House Sulz'
Mar. 2008March 11, from 10-12 am.
Report and Interview about "Oratory".
'Bavaria 2' Radio stadion interviews our Trainer and Coach Mrs. Kauffmann.
Feb. 2008Article "New Equipment at Productronica- Pill GmbH Review".

Archive 2007

Dec. 2007

APROS sponsors Basketball Team TSG Panthers.

Nov. 2007

APROS puplishes article 'LP Chemical with a world's first innovation- New Technology for Electronic Systems'. Click for more ->

Oct. 2007

Article in newspaper 'Reutlinger Nachrichten'. APROS IT Business Strategy

Oct. 2007

New medical Training 'Urology' for our medical electronic customers

Sept. 2007

Arcticle about APROS akquisition in business magazine 'Wirtschaft'

Sept. 2007

Business Fair, Eningen. APROS booth with Aero-Space attraction

Sept. 2007

APROS article in business magazine 'Wirtschaft Neckar-Alb'. TM-IT, Stuttgart akquired

Aug. 2007

Puplished article in magazine Electronic industrie "Vaccuum-Etch-Technologie". Click for more ->

July 2007

APROS Services: Accounting. New office in Kusterdingen

June 2007

APROS Article in German PULS magazine for Electronic industrie. PILL under new sails.

Apr. 2007

New office in Stuttgart. APROS IT Solutions

Mar. 2007

Extendet IT Team. PC and network. New IT Consultant and Administrator

Jan. 2007

Beside our standard trainings we added medical trainings like Anatomy and Physology and also combined them with sales aspects for one of our medical electronic customer

Archive 2006

Nov. 2006

Company Service translation/ interpretation (over 30 languages) extended by Latvian, Lithuanian, Esthonian.

Aug. 2006

APROS-Services, Mediadesign. Decoration in public competition. Decorated for customer brand design.

June 2006

You need a base in Germany. We added further mail and telephone services.

Feb. 2006 Published article in EMSNow! magazine-> How to "Going Global with Manufacturing Equipment". Click icon for more... for more
Jan. 2006

Capacity: Sales and Marketing Team extended. Further Know- how and force with topics like market analyzis and -penetration.

Archive 2005

Nov. 2005

Welcome to our new APROS- employee. Team project coordination and Management Assistance

May 2005 We move forward on the German market. Interpretation and translation into >30 languages, Call Center Services...  
Apr. 2005 Company Services:
Re-org. We teamed up our German Call Center with Marketing and Sales. Your a market strategy is beeing built, your potential customer identified, data enhanced - Contants competent and sympathically called - relationship managed -> Sales boosted!
Mar. 2005 We welcome a new APROS Services Team member with 'tax' background.  

Archive 2004

June 2004 Entrapreneurs and 'young' companies- IHK Consultant
With our work with entrapreneurs and official organizations (RKW and IHK Germany) we intensify our comittment to this task.
Apr. 2004 APROS Services: Power-up of our service team for Media Design and Public Relations  
Mar. 2004 Extended capacity in USA: Added experienced specialist for International Business Development.  
Feb. 2004 New specialist's competence: 6-Sigma Controlling and Coaching.  
Jan. 2004 Article (german) about new APROS Service: Accounting and OfficeServices in "Wirtschaft Neckar-Alb" (publication of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Reutlingen).

Archive 2003

Dec. 2003 Publication of our column 'Inside Germany' in CircuiTree:
Who in Switzerland's PCB Industry can Neutralize the Downturn?
Read article
Nov. 2003 New APROS Service: Accounting and OfficeServices
Article (german) in Reutlinger Nachrichten 07.11.2003
Sept. 2003 Next publication our column 'Inside Germany' in CircuitTree:
Foregoing the Crystal Ball-Company KSL chases a diversified marked.
Read article
June 2003 Second article 'Inside Germany' in CircuiTree.
Read article
15. Apr 2003 Scientific Council
1. Mar. 2003 Electronic column ‘Inside Germany’ printed in CircuiTree.
Read article
13. Jan. 2003 APROS on the electronic fair INTERNEPCON in Japan
(January 22. - 24. co- located with CircuiTree).

Archive 2002

1. Nov. 2002 Our APROS service offering had been extended to South- Africa    
1. Nov. 2002 Further Asia- specialists based in Japan, supporting our
China, Japan, Southeast Asia projects


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